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mencuri poems
12 Aug 2011 | 23:17 | 0 BlackWhite

My Life

The things I've seen will scar me of life,
growing up I seen wrong and very little of right,
I hear a sad song and tears roll down my face,
I look in the mirror and feel so out of place,
I don't want to be something large than life,
I want to be something real and so right,
do they understand am I understood,
cn life be better I wish that it could,
before I make a decision I always think twice,
they say what can I do to help you feel better,
I say nothing because this is my life..


why do we begin if we don't plan to finish,
why do we love if we don't want to get hurt,
why do we live if someday we must die,
why do we smile if we really hurt inside,
why do we frown when everthingis upside down,
why do we plan but not take to action,
why do we cry when someday it will be alright,
why do we get mad if we really should be glad,
why do we morn when somebody is gone,
why do we say hi if we really mean goodbye,
why do we question what shouldn't be questioned,
and answer what shouldn't be answered?
tell me now.. why?

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